What’s in a LLM?


It has been an emotional day, YES if you haven’t heard it from me or seen it on fassbook, twitter or instgram then know that I am Tanya Wright, LLM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lol YESSSSSSS!!!!!! I DID IT maybe I should get all diva and make dem change my business card to reflect my achievements?! Lol I mean haven’t you seen people wid business card with dem BSc and BBA/LLB on it? So putting LLM on mine should be big deal right?! The only thing is, in my current capacity mi caan contribute to the wasting of the government’s limited financial resources (I mean that’s what I am told anyway – Government bruk! Again, another story for another time).

So having gotten little sleep as a result of my new found outlet, I wasn’t going to blog anything tonite but then, in checking the comments on my fassbook post I came across one that made me think why the hell not! I mean it was simple, “you #motivate me”….I got kinda emotional cause this was from my first little brother from another mother;  I mean, we grew up together even when I moved away from next door and outta parish…I watched him read encyclopedias because he was bored! Yes no joke, and he will confirm or either kill me when he reads this lol but guess wah him owe mi one! (;-) Paris is calling my name) lol So I really appreciated his sentiments seeing I never thought that I would motivate anyone.

I won’t lie, the road to this achievement (not jus the LLM) wasn’t easy trust mi! a nuff time mi email the people an tell dem say mi nuh waan do da course yah nuh more but everytime I sent that email and went to bed I always remembered that when I was applying for the course I had prayed and asked God that if this was what I was supposed to be doing I would get through…hey it nuh easy when u get back u grade and not only did u fail, the people dem all a tell u say u totally miss the point of the assignment! Lol mi start fi think to mislef, a wah dis mi tek up doa Lord, but my frenz, faith, and determination pulled me through.

When I tell people about my journey, they are always shocked; so in the interest of anyone out there is unsure of what path to take I will rehash the stages in as few paragraphs as I can in hopes that you too may be motivated. The story is simple really, having left high school with only 2 CXC’s and was unable to redo them like many classmates, my mother suggested that should go and learn a trade at HEART (please note HEART/NTA back in 1998 isn’t what it is now) and being the facety smaddy dat mi be, mi kindly mek har know say a dunce people go HEART lol needless to say she kindly reminded me of my recent results…lol smart ooman when mi think bout it enuh, simple but SIMART! LOVE YOU MOMMY lol. 

Anyway wid bus fare in hand I went ahead to find out what course was available, which was masonry and steel fixing and Joinery & cabinet making…hehehehe I bet u nuff a unoo think mi choose di latter, nope nope nope nope nope nope I did the MASONRY & STEELFIXING 😀 that was the start to we would now say is history. From then I went to Portmore Community College, then unto UTECH still without redoing any CXC! How? Tricks in trade matches box in business lol a joke it really was through the passing the pre engineering course at PCC which led to being enrolled in the Engineering department and because I HATED IT, I sought and received a transfer to building and from then on it was non-stop until I got my degree in 2007 after which I took a break seeing that I didn’t know what I wanted to do career wise.

How did I do it? God, cliché as it sounds, support from my loving mother and great friends that I have met along the way both alive and dead L RIP MP love u loads.

So what in an LLM:

1.      GOD – trust that he has a path, one of my favourite scriptures is Hebrews 11:1 (faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of thins not seen);

2.      Dedication – keep it at no matter how hard it may seem never stop! We always see these quote/pics on fassbook telling us that its always when we are at the finish line that we must push through and I have proven that this is indeed correct;

3.      Support – when I was doing this, I realized how important having the right support was, in light of the fact that there was no classroom, the other participants weren’t friendly or helpful. You need people around you who will have your best interest at heart and trust me, if they are only even able to provide a listening ear, that will make a whole heap a difference especially when u feel like u are alone in this world

The lessons are not only applicable to studying but to life as well, as when I look back in retrospect all three of the above have been constants in my journey. Now I don’t know bout anybody else but one thing I know for sure is that I have the best support system in the world! (Some of whom have been a part of the journey from inception, some that came along way and have seen the changes, emotions, heard the stories how many umpteen time) trust mi when I tell you people there is more to the journey that was stated above but seeing that smaddy tell mi say mi fi keep it short like dem dick! Lol no joke imma end it right here.

Anyway walk good and I’ll see you when I see you. I hope there are no grammatical errors tonite but if they are whatever yah man, mi need some sleep.                                                                                                   

BTW, tonite’s disclaimer relates to persons who have shared their story with me; please be advised that while I will not post whose story it is, the story WILL be told at some point so if u nuh waan u business inna mi blog try nuh tell it to me! Hahahahahahahahahaha lol ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


About mouttamassytanya

A product of the black green and gold, the land of wood and water: JAMAICA JAMAICA with a dash of Saint Lucia thrown in! Often misunderstood, but once you read my blogs and follow my social media handles you will see that I am nothing but a hardworking Island Girl just trying to live life to the fullest.

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  1. I searched for your blog thru google….and guess what….1 result was found!!! Thats something girl. I connected with this one…keeping doing our thing…you may be surprised that your true calling maybe thru your words….#nufflovenrespectmum

  2. Tanya yuh fit the profile fi deh pon Profile enuh :)…I like how the Blog coming on…maybe one day…just one day I may do a guest post hehehe. Good stuff so far!

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