1 STEP FORWARD 50,000 BACKWARDS!!!!!!!!!!!


So after I wrote the blog about single, to be or not to be, nuh love an hip hop atlanta mi buck up inna!!!!! (yes all now mi nuh sleep from mi wake yesterday 😦 been trying since I got home)

Dear Jesus a weh a gwaan inna John shop?! unoo see say unoo coulda deh wid man fi uptime years (in this instance thirteen) pickney and all ONLY to have the man MARRIED to someone who he has known for less than a year.

Ladies seriously, although I am secretly hoping this story line is fake we all KNOW that is really happening. We need fi do better bout ladies, a man cannot dish out that which we are Not willing accept. You see what she say in this situation, he cheated once before and now he has done it again!!

Lord, give me strength cause I swear that man would be 6 feet under…an den it nuh dun deh seh unoo, she go meet wid di girl, look here your business is not with the girl, its with man! I swear is like all the struggles that people like maya angelou an everybody before and afta her that promoted female independence and assertiveness, either a role in dem grave and has taken like 5000 step backwards!!!!!!!!

C’mon ladies, get it together man, zeeeessss AND then to top it off, this bald head man Joe Budden a try use him big head bout him have a girl just a chat in di room inna di bed weh him an ooman share?! a who him think bawning yessiday.  I swear if man like dat still deh bout mi ago single for the rest a mi life.

I mean, I am all for entertain mi jus caan bodda wid the foolishness man…mona scott young u need fi do betta man….when I read the bio of these new ladies they all sound accomplished with place going, but in this last episode I find myself search for those bios to see if they made an error.

So to anyone reading this, that is in no way shape or form the reality of independent professional women, some of us really have no need to accept mediocrity from man or any other being and KNOW that it IS okay to be single, a word which should never be associated with LONELY! nuff extra circular activities deh bout to keep you busy.

Respect yourself. – lol I will say though that that girl amena showing of teh marriage licence was priceless – lol u know for entertainment purposes but dear Lord what a mess


About mouttamassytanya

A product of the black green and gold, the land of wood and water: JAMAICA JAMAICA with a dash of Saint Lucia thrown in! Often misunderstood, but once you read my blogs and follow my social media handles you will see that I am nothing but a hardworking Island Girl just trying to live life to the fullest.

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