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Can you believe it’s my one month anniversary since I’ve started writing this blog?! Good stuff, it has indeed been awhile since I’ve been on here but that’s only because I have been tired and haven’t feel like writing much; adult day care have mi way star (yes, I will explain what that is eventually). Additionally, I was not sure what I would right about, still not quite sure what I want to write about now, so it should be interesting to see where the blog goes based on the title.

Funnily the title came up shortly after I wrote the first blog “stove, what stove”; in that quite a few people think mi craven! Plus I am sure that all the pics on my Instgram and Facebook don’t help either Lol but to me I am not.  I just have a healthy appreciation food (especially, pasta! I swear I must have been Italian in my previous life)! Lol, I mean I’ve had friends tell me that “mi hate hear when u say u hungry, u always sound like a starving child out of Somalia or something…just go buy something fi eat nuh” or they prefer to build me a house rather than feed me. Roland even tell mi say my desire for food is unhealthy and he is concerned cause no one person should be that hungry so many times.

This is it people, a lot of the times when I say I’m hungry I really don’t get up and go get something to eat enuh.  Example’ on the weekends, unoo see when my laziness kick in, I mean not even my teeth mi waan brush – tru tru, hahahahaha;  so when I think about having to get up and prepare food to put in the toaster oven or microwave mi jus go back go sleep, which results in me not eating for the entire weekend (some may see this as starvation but hey a my life, whateva yah man). The compromise tho, is that, if I am going to eat and I have to leave the house where ever I am going has to have a drive thru, but seeing as how I am pickey with what I eat , I mean with my junk food (believe it not) lol it always work out that I always end up at KFC Springs Plaza.  Yea, I don’t care much for burger (BK’s) or Island Grill and in my warp mind, chicken from Popeye’s, which is always fried, is more fattening than the BBQ chicken at KFC…hahahaha yes I have issues.

Another example would be yesterday and today.  Yesterday I bought a medium soup and large stew beef with ½ cup rice and peas with just about the same tossed veg (I try to cut out the rice as much as I can, but unoo understand, these fast food place nuh ramp fi dash out the rice gi people) but based on all that had to be done at day care I only drank the soup for lunch; so the stew beef et al came home with me for dinner.  As for today now, my bossy offered to take me for a congratulatory lunch but again I had no time and had to push it back to next week AGAIN as a result of all that had to be done at the day care; and by the time I was able to catch my breath and take a breather it would make no sense to go on the road to get food to make it back to the office before 5pm. Yea Yea, for all who know me probably wondering what work finishing at 5 have to do wid you going to look food, seeing that I rarely ever leave at that time but leaving at that time to fight traffic is discouraging enough.  So what did I eat? some seasoned potato and a Tropicana.

I am sure that you are thinking that I had a big dinner, interestingly enough I didn’t, I just had 3 slices of wheat bread an plantains (I LOVE plantains) and trust me that’s the way most of days go; I have to force and remind myself to eat; mind you also, that I don’t really eat breakfast either.

I don’t think unoo understand the extent of laziness, I think it cripples me when I’m home; I don’t know if it’s because I do so much at the day care during the week but once I am home I don’t even want to think about having to do anything, I only have enough energy to take of my clothes, turn on the tv (read whatever you want to read in between that lol) and lift the remote to change the channel and that is based on which night of the week it is, cause if it’s a Thursday, know she my tv nah move from abc.  My laziness is bad people, really bad.

Mind you enuh, there are Sundays, when mi really throw down enuh, chicken, veg, mash or potato salad, yam casserole and some rice but that happens ever so often, like this year I may have cooked four times in total.  It’s like this, I can come home and not eat anything, or I can come home and feel like just bounce some crackers or egg an bread wid a cup a tea an mi good (being single and childless affords me this privilege).  FYI tho I do plan to make one more meal before the year ends (no it won’t be xmas dinner) therefore before and after that I will munch on what is available.

it is therefore my view that I am only chunky because I am storing fat based on the fact that I rarely eat and as a result of being contented with myself and my life.  Trust me, if there was a way to eat all I like without getting fat and exercising like my friend Toni Mac, I probably still wouldn’t benefit lol because I’d still be too lazy to prepare the meal but then again I could always eat out, but alas! this is affected by one’s financial resources…see there are so many factors that prevent people from eating as they like.


Just in case I don’t do one of these for the rest of the month, please note that my birthday is Dec 17 and I take gifts in cash or kind (nuh offer mi nuh sex or boyfriend). So bless up and have a MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!

PS I am not a Christmas person to the point where my co worker told I am not the Grinch, I am now a Jehovah’s Witness (lol I hope none of my friends reading this are) lol but hey I may try and write one in time for the new year celebration if I am not sleeping. Yes people I sleep through that too.