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….And We’re Off!!!!!!!!!!!!


Aye bwoy, so many things have happened since my last blog but I’ll try to list them in the order that they happened and as I remember them.  However, let mi just get through the formalities and to say Merry belated Xmas and a Happy New Year (but you know a thought came to me one morning…like the 9th day into the year when my neighbour was like “happy new year Tanya” and I thought to myself, when are people going to stop saying that I mean is it still new after the first couple of days??? Or is it just me on this?! Lol I am gonna go with it just me, hahaha and that’s quite fine) to the members of #teamtanya and my devoted readers of the blog who hounded me about the next posting lol mi love unoo!!!!!

Anywhos back to the matter at hand.  Since my last blog I think the first to happen was that I got braces!!!!!!!! Oh no wait, the first thing to happen was Tessane winning the voice and winning on my birthday!!!!! Wwoohhooo that was an amazing gift! Only thing to top that is if I get married or have a baby on that day! Hehehehehe, hey I’m speaking it into the universe 😀  hehehehehehe BUT back to the braces ….

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Silly me, NO one told me and I men No one, that it would have been so painful! Now two months in and having lost 4 teeth I am being told that the pain nuh start yet!!!!! Like WTF not only is it painful, it is expensive (yes apparently I don’t like having extra money on my pocket) it is also embarrassing to eat out!!! OMG everything get stuck in either your bracket or your teeth; KMT and U affi brush u teeth like almost every time you eat. uugghhhh but apparently there are upside(s) to this endeavour, weight loss and a perfect smile; both of which I have yet to see any proof of I mean my teeth look more jacked up if you ask me. But I take comfort in being able to select the colours for my brackets 😀 lol I mean first it was hot pink and now I’m rocking blue and yellow #lifessimplepleasures

And then STING happened DWRCL I mean I can’t say much on it seeing that I didn’t attended but from the footage I have seen and the interviews with the respective acts, especially MACKA Diamond aka lady mackerel and lady saw I would have to say it is indeed the greatest show on earth! Lol Macka aye bwoy, leave lady saw an mek she gwaan inna har church please!

Then there was Shaggy and friends…I don’t think there is much I can say on this except, the show was way too long, I mean people all start sleep an I mean real sleep! Plus while I love chronixx’s album I don’t like him as a performer; can we say BORING (mi boss ago kill mi fid is…she love him bad lol) and no stage presence.  The highlights for me were…elephant man, konshens, tarrus riley, wayne marshall’s son Gio! Absolutely amazing, didn’t get Macka tho, but I consoled myself with the thought that she was booked before STING happened lol she really wasn’t necessary. I am sure there were others that I liked but with how many days gone since the show mi nuh memba all a dem! Heck I can barely remember what happened yesterday much less 3 weeks ago.

I also found out why some of my friends are either married or are engaged! Lol not to mention why some are in relationships while the rest of us are single! Hahaha and how could I forget those that don’t like “balls”!!!! hahahaha that night was just too funny lol aye bwoy, I told you guys I may not call unoo name but the stories will get on here eventually #moviegang #socialites #birthdayclub lol love unoo (caan even put up unoo name).

I am sure other things happened but like I said I caan memba dem right yah now so until my next post, I hope everyone has a great year with all your desires coming to fruition and don’t be afraid to go after what you want; the worst that can happen is that it doesn’t happen. I also want to say big ups to my bossy! I think I have one of the best if not the best bossy ever! Always sets me str8 with a little encouragement after 😀 Big ups to my DT and RT safe delivery guys! Camo, Squiddy, MD our resident ghost LH CQ #delinquents Rallo, Berto my blogter thanks for always keeping it real sometimes too real lol and big ups of course to #teamtanya lol Nats a u say it enuh…I really appreciate and love you guys.

Oh yes how could I forget, lol I am officially Ms. Tanya A Wright, BSc, LLM lol I crack up every time I write it! I think it’s the most hilarious thing ever! Truly glad I can laugh about it now, wasn’t so funny couple months ago….And finally big ups to my MOMMY and my sister, lawd a miss unoo :-*    

Oooo one last thing big ups to CB!!!!!!! Memba we deal enuh…my suitcase is packed and ready!