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Bwoy finding things to put in a blog not easy at all! Especially when you not sure what the masses like and if they will be interested in what you’re saying but having not written in a while and having been on the road trying to get my groove back there is one thing for sure that I have noticed and just figure I’d put it out there and see if its only me (which is often the case) or if it’s because of the gingerational gap…I think that’s what it is ‘cause back in the days when we were growing up there wasn’t no cellphone or social media.

So in trying to get my groove back I have done road a couple a nights, and in #doingroad I have realized that parties aren’t what they used to be at all! Take for example last night when we went to #pepseed, I mean Roland was so excited ‘cause DJ Nico was playing, mind you I don’t even know who him be but hey, I just figured what a way to unwind after the end of financial year stress. So we got there later than the first time we went, having been drawn out at 10 pm only to get there to help the DJ set up I mean there was literally no music playing when we got there (BTW if you get confused don’t worry, I too was confused when I was writing this) and when the DJ saw an hear me start complain that’s when he moseyed to his area to turn on his equipment, needless to say I think it was Arif that played that night so he made up for it and a good night was had by all. Now back to last night, we got there like after 11 (yes mi affi get in an out early, I can now only party for 3 hrs tops worst it was mid week AND I have a workshop to attend) an I’m almost certain once again there was no music playing and if it was it was so low that you didn’t realize it was on.

Anywho based on Rallo’s excitement I’m thinking this DJ Nico person going kill it so I would have danced up a storm to be ready to leave by 1am. People not only was Nico a total disappoint, I came to the realization that people are no longer going out to dance til dem wet (hehehe…I have a gutter mind) but are only going out to brag that they were a certain location and to check an update dem social media sites (mind you I do it too but that’s when I’m either bored or dem start play soca an mi decide to tek a break) I mean the DJ tried last night but who wasn’t taking pics, updating their many social media accounts, were just chatting JESUS CHRIST we had to be straining our ears over the chatter to hear the damn music and trust me by 12:15 I was over it an ready to go home!

I mean no one was dancing! I don’t get it? Why come out to an event to just chat and be on your phone?can’t you do that at home or in ur car, I mean that’s what I do when I don’t get to go out and outside of all of us there partying who else is up for you be be chatting to? I mean most people nuh gone a dem bed already and aren’t those who are up standing beside you already?! I have gone to quad an see one girl a back it up pon one guy an all he did was stood there chatting the girl an har fren pon him bbm wid him breddrin! who does that?!

Like I said last night only cemented my assertion cause trust me even last Friday we went to an event an I’m telling you people, while I was there with the younger gingeration not a soul was dancing, all they did was just stood there, took selfies or watch what everyone was doing (hehehehe even me) and when the girls did decide to back it up pon de man dem, one guy literally stood there looking down at the girl with a look of OMG I can’t believe you are carrying on like this! I mean he didn’t move an inch to her gyration; nope he just stood there and chatted with his friends!

Mi nah lie, back in my hay day…lol I was notorious fi wine an kotch  Hahahahhahahahah (I mean while mi caan move like some girl mi can do a thing, up to Friday one of my friends said every time he hears that songs he remembers me! Lol, it look like I’ve gotten shy or just have been out of it too long) when we go out an a party my gosh man a day light a bring we home, an we not even did memba say we have cell phone/camera fi a tek picture an, I mean we never have facebook, but there was myspace and the name of other one is slipping me an when selecta say every man find a girl all if a nuh urs the men complied there was NO WAY that a man would have a girl a wine an kotch pon him an him nah match har pace! U mad unheard of!

I missed those days, the days when people just went out and dance and have fun, and the only time anyone said anything was (1) when dem need fi know what u drinking, (2) when dem go to the bar to order the drinks an (3) if the selector pause the music fi the ladies or the crowd sing out! Not even that gwaan again; but like I said people, maybe it’s just me and if it is the people dem in my complex an those who see me in traffic will just have to get used to it cause mi nuh ramp fi bruk out inna di van deh while on the five minute drive to work! Please leave your comments and share with friends to see if I am getting mad or mi jus affi accept the movement!

BTW how could I forget to comment on the verdict of the YEAR!!!!!!!!!!! GUILTY!!!!!!!!! To hell!!! I won’t lie I thought he would get off but hey if you do the crime u affi do the time! Chin up yute, once is for sure two twos u time run off (however how dem deicde fi gi u) my only hope is that you can still me music and that art really does imitate life! Wid songs like these one has to wonder but I will always rate him for songs like this! Lol a mi DJ nah go round him!!!!!!