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Like every job application you make, you always hope for the best and prepare for the worst (well at least that’s how I see things). So with this application as with many others, I didn’t think I would be successful even though a friend of mine was sure and confident that I would be. Then came the interview, the wait and then the phone call! Hahaha no matter how I had imagined I would be ready to pack my bags and leave I can attest that you are and will never be quite prepared to take up your entire life and move not just to another county but as my #privateman said another hemisphere.

Every time I think of packing I get completely stressed out and overwhelmed. It’s not just at the thought of packing your stuff, but all that goes into moving: (i) finding accommodations, (ii) getting information on where you’re moving to (do not follow the internet!), (iii) completing paper work for where you’re living and where ever you’re moving to and (iv) getting rid of stuff that you can’t take, i.e. car, furniture. What I will say is that I can’t help but think that is situation and transition was ordained and meant to be. Won’t go into the specifics but if you know me and know what has been happening you will definitely agree and understand.

With all of the above said and with half of those things done, paper work in progress, car sold, my #privateman holding down the fort, I decide to take a trip lol to sort out living arrangements here and to see whether what I had read on the internet was indeed accurate, along with finding a place to rest my head. So my adventure started with a stopover in Miami for several hours then I was on my way! Then I arrived, (dun dun dun)! Lol look here people, and no disrespect to the people of Belize and by extension Belmopan but I was completely taken aback that I had to disembark a plane via stairs (yes people there is no gate with the ramp and cover thingy)! Oh yes I said stairs! Lol I have never done that before; and as I walked to the airport I thought this must be what NMIA looked like when they had the waving gallery.

As I left the airport and went to the car rental place and looked across the airport, I suddenly thought that this must have been what NMIA looked like in the 70s! lol please be reminded that I am and 80s child (you know as I am writing this, I am so going to look for a picture of the airport back then).  It gets better people; when the plane landed I immediately tried to get the roaming to work, so as it wouldn’t the car rental representative kindly escorted me to the telephone place. After being there for  little fiddling with the phone he then says I’m sorry ma’am your phone CANT roam here and people mek mi tell u that was the first time tears come a mi yeye an made me want to come home! Lol, so bright me then say ok, since I have to get a chip can I have a postpaid please? Lol it gets better, lol the telephone company rep then says, ma’am you will need to deposit 1000 Belizean dollars! Hahahaha wooieee….for those who don’t know that US$500 which equates to how much Jamaican? (do the math). Needless to say, I took the prepaid sim and got myself some credit (about 5 years not mi nuh have prepaid phone).

So, having the phone sorted out, and with the assistance of my boss to be, off I went to find my way to BELMOPAN! After a couple wrong turns and stops I finally made it! First stop was the office to meet all who were present then it was off to the hotel to rest up for the next day to apartment hunt. Little did I know that I would be become sick (you know I need to start expecting this)! I am still not even sure what is wrong with me!!!!!!!! Aches, pain, headache and fever for 2.5 days…with the help of some paracetamol, Advil, coconut water and vitamin C, I am just starting to feel a little better. Good thing I didn’t plan on doing any sightseeing this trip! I would be really pissed off!

Nonetheless, I did do a little driving around by myself, with the real estate agent (VERY NICE LADY) and a breddrin that I knew from university days. I got to know the place a little and from what I have seen and can decipher, Belmopan is pretty laid back. Friday is what Saturdays are to Jamaicans with the hustle and bustle and Saturday seems like Sunday to me. I will tell you what Sunday feels like in another post; but for the most part, all they don’t have are movie theatres (that’s in Belize City) and fast food chains, interestingly though, a scotchies apparently just opened up and best believe I will be trying it before I leave! Notwithstanding they have several banks (Scotia included), at least four decent places that you can lyme and get food, a couple of bistros, cable and internet (which outside of food are more important to me) several supermarkets AND even a COURTS! Look to my FACEBOOK page for those lol.

Belmopan reminds me of Negril but without the beaches, and the drive to get there reminds me of the leg from Hanover into Negril, for me I’m glad I had an open mind before I came here and which is why I said to not read what’s on the internet. My mission was accomplished and the next few months should be interesting. While there are no movie theatres or TGIFs, there are things like the Mayan Ruins, the rainforest, being able to drive or take a bus to Mexico, the zoo, a place called the blue hole which will all make for good adventures and blogs!

Bless up and thanks again #TEAMTANYA JLS, RAB, #Delinquents, #86(DS) MD, TD, ND PS the support and the well wishes are really appreciated.

PS it rained every day since I have been here 😦