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There is never a Dull Moment in Barbados


You really affi tek bad tings mek joke. Since it’s my first time here in Barbados, I wanted to use the opportunity to see little bit of the island and as there were a few of us I decided on booking a tour to see Harrison’s Cave today. About 7/8 people confirmed, however, when the time came the only 4 of us showed up! Lol that was the beginning of what almost turned out to be worst experience ever. At 11:45 the driver to take us to the place was here, anyway before I could say anything he barges into the Hotel and asked if I was Tanya, I said yes and started to explain to him that unfortunately there may not be 10 of us as we are unable to locate 3 other persons to meet his 6 minimum requirement.

Hahaha well people who tell mi fi go say that! Lol the man start cuss me inna the lobby in front of the receptionist and couple other staff members that he was told 10 and that if we don’t get 6 people our day will be wasted because he is not going to take us. By this time I am just standing there with my mouth open ‘cause I couldn’t believe that he was acting like that, but look nuh it got better the man say that’s why he specifically told the hotel that the minimum is six and now we have wasted his day, because he had to get up and bathe put on him clothes to take is there in an A/C bus with diesel and a whole lot a bullshit!

Anyway when he finished ranting and raving I said well let me see if I can get a hold of the other 3 persons so that he wouldn’t have to waste his day. Well no such luck; as I ended the calls to the rooms, I saw him coming back to the lobby and as I opened my mouth to say Sir I am sorry to have wasted your day but it seems as though we will have to seek alternative transport to the Cave the man licks out its ok I will take you, I mean since I am already here I may as well just take you there.

You think that would be the end of it right?! Oh no, as we got in the van he started again about how much it would cost to get there if we had just taken regular transport and how long it would take, seeing that a rally was in progress and that he would have to take the back roads so we don’t waste our time in traffic, by this time everyone was getting annoyed by his complaints. On realizing that he proceeds to tell us that there is another tour that he does on Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Friday’s which would take us around the island and includes lunch which has banana bread/cake that is made by his daughter.

Hahahaha like seriously? Do you seriously expect me to give you a dime of my money after the way you acted about this trip? Mind you, provided that he had handled the situation with a little bit more tact, I would have definitely gone on that tour as we had apparently put him out of his way today and seeing that it is a holiday tomorrow it would have been a great way to see the rest of the island. SMH we were so put off by him that even telling us about himself and how long he has been here and where he was from (St. Kitts and Nevis – altho he has been in Barbados for 30 years and married and English woman from London) and how his daughter worked with Virgin Atlantic and was currently in Morocco and had gone to South Africa in December since it was free and that his uncle just got in the Guinness Book of World records for being the oldest Polo player ( 82 years 166½ days old) didn’t make a world of difference; all we wanted was for him to shut up, as he didn’t miss a beat in using every opportunity he got to tell us about how he had to take four people to the cave.

Nevertheless, all’s well that ends well. We had a great time seeing that cave…light tricks and all. I also think he got the picture as he said not one word to us on the way back and we sure did have a good laff about it.

I did learn one thing though, next time I am going to do my sightseeing myself ‘cause dese people are so full of it and it was a cussing that I could have certainly done without. Not to mention Williams Tours will never see another dime from me, an I most certainly won’t recommend them to anyone else.
Not the blog I wanted to write but, this was certainly too long to be a Facebook post. 😀

PICS to be posted soon