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Look what it took for me to write a blog how many years later? LOL!!

But (yea yea I know we were taught never to start a sentence with that word) having gotten a message from a friend about this LISA/WARMINISTER saga I was most disappointed by the comment and BRAPS the thoughts and opinion(s) came and I decided to just do a post since it been forever!!!!!!!!!!

Now I am not for either party and I know there is this thing that once you don’t vote that you really shouldn’t have an opinion BUT mi nuh care, mi a voice mine simply because I don’t believe in voting just because it is a right that has been bestowed on me.  If I am voting I am going to vote for substance and strategies not along colours or party.

However, if I had a a gun to my head I would not vote green or labour party simply because I have no faith in their leader who comes across as being disingenuous, phony, clueless and out of his depth.  I mean yes you are the opposition and it’s your role to oppose BUT where are plans and strategies for all the flaws and inadequacies that you have identified with the ruling party? I have yet to see or hear any.  Telling me that you wear “Dessert” [sic] clarks lol or that you are going to give your MPs Job letters doesn’t mean shit to me. Lol, I mean, as pointed out by a friend of mine are you telling me that after how many years of independence a MP/politician doesn’t know their role or job function?! Lol GIMME A BREAK, but I digress!

To the matter at hand; the WARMINISTER calling Lisa a Jezebel.  Sigh, few things that just doesn’t sit well:

 1. Him calling her that! Irrespective of how tight her pants were lol (if this is the real reason den him sexuality very questionable lol).  Tell me, which man nuh like see ooman inna tight pants?! hahaha wwwooiieee fine it may not have been appropriate for the venue. 

2.  He repeated it!!!!  Which to me clearly indicates his need need for attention.  

3. To say that she deserved to be called that, because in your view she’s no saint; when you didn’t come from a cow but another female just isn’t acceptable!!!! Like really?! mi affi start look pon u wid mi dutty side yeye cause if u have a mother how the hell can you justify that about another female. 

4. The “LEADER” nor the youth arm, nor the other females of the party, nor any well thinking MAN in that party has come out (no pun intended) lol to distance themselves from the statement.  Objecting to his outburst doesn’t mean you support the PNP it means you nuh support slackness.  God bless the one friend (labourite) who objected to that creature calling the woman that. 

Anyway mek I head back to the people dem work yah, but it really sad that there are people who find this behaviour acceptable, cause for sure that behaviour does not reflect well on the country and why we are moving slowly when it comes to women having their place in certain areas.  I mean a nuh fi har fault she attractive and he isn’t!! lol 

I just remember two sayings that my friends have shared: 

a. ugly people gi nuff trouble!!! lol I have seen this time and time again although alecia say mi mus’n call people ugly; and 

b. you caan be ugly and useless, u affi pic one lol #picastruggle

I gone, see you when I see you and remember to like share and comment!!!!!!!!!!