IT’S MY ANNIVERSARY..welll kinda sorta :-D


Bwoy it seems like forever since I have done one of these but I thought it only right that I put one up since I am coming up on several Anniversaries.  So Many things have happened since I decided to relocate to a new country for a second time on April 29, 2015.  I arrived in Antigua & Barbuda for a layover to Saint Lucia arriving March 30, 2015 to start working on April 1, 2015 (so tomorrow will make it year since I have started working here).

Not sure where this will lead but let’s see, because the plan is to do a review of all the blogs I have done to see what I have captured and try to integrate in this one (you know for effect an thing) as a way of providing an update. Now having reviewed the blogs I see that the more things change the more they remain the same lol.  Take the first example below:

“…I do not own a stove! Yes you heard me, lol I DON’T own a stove!!!! This is something that I have never hidden, even from potential “boyfriends” lol (maybe that’s why I don’t have one – but that is for another blog, another time) BUT don’t get it twisted, while I choose not to be domesticated, make no mistake, I CAN cook (ask Camo, Marcia, Damian, Roland, Kirk – lol), matter a fact; Sandra would have it no other way. However having spent several years being responsible for the domestic activities (cooking, washing cleaning ironing) of a household while mommy went and provided for us; the moment I had the choice of opting out of domestication everything went right out the door! YUP I don’t cook or clean (I have a helper for the latter lol YES people I work way too hard to come home and slave over a dirty place – mind you I stopped cleaning for myself when I started working at that place in 2009 which will remain nameless and my current place of employment).   I mean that’s why they have domestic helpers, car washes etc. etc. etc how I see it is that I am helping the economy and preventing one more robber from entering the streets by making sure that they are gainfully or otherwise employed ”

So just a couple of things:

  1. I technically still don’t own a stove! Lol I just have one because it came with the apartment. Now while I can cook, I still don’t like to do and just do it now because unlike Jamaica where every corna yuh turn u can find a cook shop or somewhere to get food of your desire; that’s just not the case here.  Not to mention the hassle of taking the staff bus to go into town figure out what to eat from the limited options available. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I am forced to cook #thestruggleisreal
  1. The “boyfriend” thing still obtains! Lol such is life but I will just note this from the blog “Single, To Be or Not to be? That is the Question” (see blog post -

“I realized…how flawed his views of me and life were and therefore thank God                          that it ended when it did before things got deeper or more complicated.” (you know I can be very insightful at times); and

  1. I don’t clean, yup I still have a helper for that. I will say though that I do iron once a month BUT lol that is only because she charge too much to iron! Hehehehe

Now from the blog “What’s in an LLM?!” I noted the following:

“I won’t lie, the road to this achievement (not jus the LLM) wasn’t easy trust mi!…but every time I…went to bed I always remembered that when I was applying for the course I had prayed and asked God that if this was what I was supposed to be doing I would get through…hey it nuh easy when u get back u grade and not only did u fail, the people dem all a tell u say u totally miss the point of the assignment! Lol mi start fi think to mislef, a wah dis mi tek up doa Lord, but…How did I do it? God, cliché as it sounds, support from my loving mother and great friends that I have met along the way both alive and dead L RIP MP love u loads.”

LOL!!! When mi read that back I still CTFU! But 2 things from that section and that is still applicable to this day, is that I pray about these major decisions, well everything really (shocking right?! Lol, it’s not something I discuss all the time but if u don’t know now you know. I PRAY :-p) and that my friends (new and old) pulled me through.

In the blog “…And we’re off!!!!” I noted that I had gotten braces!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lol WELLLL those bad boys came off last month after 2 years and 3 months.  Now I am sporting my million dolla smile.

Now on to where the adventures began! The first was my short stint in BELIZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All the details can be found here and I spent just about six months there and it wasn’t until later down in that time I started to feel comfortable and at home.  Unfortunately for them BUT fortunately for me, I got a call for the job I had originally wanted so it was time to pack up and move on.  I miss my friends there though and one of these days I am def heading there to chill with my peeps and do some sightseeing.

As for the first year of my journey here (in Saint Lucia) some of which is captured here based on the following: “…There are a few things left to do but like getting my driver’s licence, buying a car, etc etc…” the update is that I have bought the car, gotten the driver’s licence, gone around the island twice, gotten to see Beres Hammond and Jah Cure at 2 of the 2015 Jazz shows, will be jumping in carnival July and will be going to 2 of the shows at this year Jazz Festival, met some of the most nicest, funniest and utterly maddest people who I am happy to call friends, been to at least 2 other islands with plans of visiting more in the future.

The truth is though I miss home quiet often and often keep my sanity through talking to my friends be it on social media, messenger, email, skype etc, I also try to keep abreast of all that is happening in the media.  I miss just doing road with my #delinquents #socialites #rallo #berto #maxanne and Mrs. S.  just to a new few but I know this is a necessary evil and one that I will not regret when all is said and done.  As for what happens next, I am not sure; right now I am just about living my life while trying to achieve a couple materialist milestones.

One thing is for sure, you really have to be of a diffferenet temperament to pack up your belonging and move to place where you know don’t know a sole. Matter of fact, you have to love your own company (then again it may just be me) because you have to spend a lot of time alone.  This has led me to question whether or not I was truly ever an extrovert or is it that our situations determine whether we are introverted or extriverted? Cause honestly there is nothing to me like staying home and watching T.V. or reading book; even if there is no food.

I say all of this to say that The lessons indicated in the “What is in an LLM” blog are not only applicable to studying but to life as well, as when I look back in retrospect all the items/areas indicated in the blog have been constants in my journey. Now I don’t know bout anybody else but one thing I know for sure is that I have the best support system in the world! (Some of whom have been a part of the journey from inception, some that came along way and have seen the changes, emotions, heard the stories how many umpteen time) trust mi when I tell you people there is more to the journey that was stated above but seeing that smaddy tell mi say mi fi keep it short like dem dick! Lol no joke imma end it right here.

So as usual, read, like, comment and share!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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A product of the black green and gold, the land of wood and water: JAMAICA JAMAICA with a dash of Saint Lucia thrown in! Often misunderstood, but once you read my blogs and follow my social media handles you will see that I am nothing but a hardworking Island Girl just trying to live life to the fullest.

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