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LOL what a hash tag! On a real though a weh it ago?! Like I am so mad at my old– ahm sorry I mean mature friends for not telling me that this is what 35 would feel like…lol what does it feel like you may ask? Mi feel crush up or as the Lucian would say “chifoney” (I am certain I spelt it wrong) lol.  Then again, this may be as a result of the tequila shot, or the 5 screwdrivers, or the glass of wine, or the beer, lol I am not too sure; all I know is a great time was had by all.

So in true TW form, I decided that instead of doing a long thank you on fassbook just as well do a long ass blog (lol JK Don); I’ll try to keep it as short as possible.

No lies, this has been one heck of year and my only aim is to top it in 2017…haven’t quite decided that I wanna do but u know me I am sucker for torture/adventure but it will be fun.  The only thing I wish I did more was save!!!!!!! Sigh, #livingandnotsurviving cost “a Money oh” LOL!!!!!!!!! What the struggle was real but come 2017 I am definitely putting my shoes down on that one.  Yup walking into 2017 like Addi

The last year saw me just not caring about anyone but myself.  That’s not to say I was mean or anything (well depending on who you ask lol) I just focused on making sure that my mind was right and that I was happy; and if you follow me on fassbook you already know that even my co-workers saw the difference.  No lies, people should try it, you will see how freeing it is to not give 2 f**ks about what anyone thinks (although I don’t that I ever did). By no means am I saying I was happy go lucky all the time (cause unoo know say mi miserable from mawning), I just started looking at the glass as half full…well most times anyway; sometimes mi just couldn’t help but wallow inna mi feelings and emotions.  Especially when it came on to work! Wah mi swear I wasn’t gonna mek it but den mi see a likkle light an bossy’s favorite quote came to me; i.e. “calm down”. Mi mussi tell miself that infinity times throughout the entire process; wah?! da EU Procurement sumn deh nuh easy but now that it done mi think mi like it! LOL!!!!!!! Mi manager would just die if him see mi say that lol, it was a good experience and I am glad I went through it.

It also saw the ending of a relationship and the realisation that I can only really  depend on myself and to except nothing and I won’t be disappointed.  It was a hard lesson but such is life, we live and learn. Good thing is, as Trina say:  I’m single again, back on the prowl, lol mi nuh know bout that last part deh but U get di idea right?!

I also jumped carnival for the very first time! I still have the marks to prove it lol…altho mi bex seh mi parri dem #roastorfry never get fi experience it.  So many other firsts, learning how to swim, learning French; both of which I need to start again in 2017.  Yup, my goal is to leave (if I do, cause e’rybaddie here seems to think I either need a Lucia/OECS boyfriend) here better than I came and man am I up for the challenge!

Wah it has been an awesome awesome year with more to come, cause for the first time in a while I am actually looking forward to Christmas.  I am beyond excited!

So cheer people, I kept it short, anymore information it mek sense u call and chat to me cause I har have the time now lol.

Happy Holiday guys and see you in the new year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OH, and thanks for all the BDAY wishes!!!!!!!!!!! I spent it just like how I wanted to…doing a little bit of everything.